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A wee bit about me

I'm Caragh, a professional singer-songwriter from Scotland, UK. Thanks for stopping by my site, it's wonderful to have you here. Read my story below to find out why I do what I do and what else I have been up to!

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My Story

I have been songwriting for the best part of a decade, with some breaks in between to have a family. Since returning to the industry in 2018, I have released an EP, written custom songs for couples getting married, one of which reached the top ten finalists in a national songwriting competition, secured worldwide airplay on BBC Radio Scotland, Amazing Radio and even featured on a podcast in South Africa! This year I have unleashed four singles and music videos, performed live around Scotland and the cherry on top is my first album is coming out in October 2023. 

My passion is songwriting and storytelling so really, writing custom songs inspired by your stories is my dream job! My goal is to make that special occasion unforgettable, whether it's a wedding song, anniversary, celebrating a life or telling someone how much they mean to you, Love Stories immortalises those special moments through song, that you can cherish forever.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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